Who We Are

Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival is a  one day internationally recognized  indoor- outdoor festival in Buffalo, New York .

Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Festival was created to celebrate and illuminate the resurgence of all forms of music , art , media and culture that resonates in and from Buffalo and Western New York .

Beau Fleuve is apart of the new Buffalo .. Our generation of artist , athletes , contributors, djs, fashion designers, industry executives and musicians are cultivating their industries globally.

The meaning behind the name Beau Fleuve

It is believed that when the French explored Western New York, the area was termed “Beau Fleuve” meaning “beautiful river” describing its magnificent rivers, creeks and waterways.

One of our goals is to highlight and embrace Buffalo’s natural beauty and rich history to it’s residents and visitors. The event will be held on a portion of Buffalo’s waterfront at Buffalo Riverworks sports and entertainment complex.

In addition to  the festival, Beau Fleuve will invest in OUR COMMUNITY through donating to local non-profit music and arts organizations , scholarship and internship opportunities.


Over 50 Artists from Western New York

Western New York's Most Talented Artists All On One Stage

Meet the Artists