Main Stage

Located in the heart of the festival where Beau Fleuve comes to life !

River Stage

Located next to the scenic view of the Buffalo River, the stage will be the center of attention as fans will be able to surround the stage.

Alleyway Sound Stage

Located in an alleyway between the Silos , fans will be able to experience their favorite bands , graffiti artist , murals and skateboard pipe dreams.

Silent Disco Stage

Festival Fan Favorite! Located inside of the “Speaking Silo” our silent disco will be a unique way of experiencing live music , fans will wear wireless headphones that will instantly transform into a high energy musical performance. Those without headphones, well, just won’t receive the experience! Performances will include DJs , Poets, Spoken Word and Musicians.

Art Exhibits

Located inside of our Silos it will showcase variety of art exhibits, hidden galleries,visuals, photography and more .

The Speaking Silo 

Located inside of our Silos , fans will have the opportunity to experience Poetry and Spoken word along with insight from industry executives , producers , curators and contributors.

Beer and Wine Garden

Want to get away from the music for a little bit or challenge your friends or other festival-goers to fun-filled backyard games. Our Beer and Wine Garden will have you feeling like a kid again while tasting some of the areas best brews as it will host backyard games, adult drinking games (21+), henna tattoos , bounce houses, face painting and more.

Film Festival Stage

Our Film Festival will feature an interactive experience for fans to participate in a series of local and nationally invited Short Films, Narrative Films, Feature Films , Documentaries , Screenings , Visuals , Music videos , Episodic and more.

Family Fun Zone

Our family fun zone will feature youth activities , youth performances , bounce houses and face painting.

The Village

Grab a bite from one of our Food Trucks , Grab a Beverage or support one of our local vendors!