Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival mission is to serve as a platform to illuminate the resurgence Buffalo and WNY musicians , artist and curators that are cultivating the music and arts industries on a national and international level.

Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival is an annual internationally recognized one day music and arts festival in the City of Buffalo that celebrates all genres of arts, culture and music. Beau Fleuve is unique and trendsetting in its industry with bridging the gap between generations, communities and cultures. Beau Fleuve is the New Buffalo providing The Platform for next generation. Beau Fleuve is lead by a group of accredited leaders ages 22 to 32.

Behind The Name

Beau Fleuve  ( pronounced Bow – Flow )

It is believed that when the French explored Western New York, the area was termed “Beau Fleuvemeaning “beautiful river” describing its magnificent rivers, creeks and waterways. One of our goals is to highlight and embrace Buffalo’s natural beauty and rich history to its residents and visitors

Some of festival highlights feature 50 musical performances on multi stages , silent disco , art exhibits , student performances ,  poetry slam , speaker panels , sports culture exhibits , cultural diversity exhibits , custom car show, film festival , fashion,  back yard games , vendors and more.

In addition to hosting our annual festival, Beau Fleuve Music & Arts invests in our community by donating to local non-profits and community organizations whose focus is advancing music and art education. In early 2018 we are proud to announce that we will be opening our innovative Beau Flevue Music and Arts Gallery which will be located in Downtown Buffalo’s Historic Theater District. In addition we will be launching our not profit organization Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Foundation ,which will raise proceeds for our annual scholarship and curate music and arts educational programs for inner city youth.